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- The syntax can be: isLocalhost public static boolean isLocalhost(java. When an application is compiled an object of that application is being made updating java applet cache. Criteria: it provides a way to do the search which is conditional over the resultset. Threads run in a different area and each thread utilizes some amount of CPU and memory for execution. These 51 solved Java questions will help you prepare for technical interviews and online selection tests conducted during campus placement for freshers and job interviews for professionals. - Request headers are the headers which have been requested by the user and to read this a call of getHeader method is done by HttpServeltRequest to call the servlets. Session factory contains criteria instances. If there are multiple databases then one instance is required per database. Java provides memory management through garbage collector updating java applet cache. - Adapter class provide to all methods an empty implementation in an event listener interface. New : This shows that a thread is new and ready to be acquired the processor and other resources. It can also be configured by editing XML configuration files. Synchronizing a function : - Constructors can not return a value.

- Abstraction solves the problem in the design side. - Runnable interface provide a thread pool through which you can execute large number of threads. CGI creates an overhead on the process and execution time can be hindered. Session: this manages the operations of storing and retrieving the objects. It places the request lines in a text area until the communication get lost or the connection get closed. The relation between vehicle object and car object reflects perfect example of inheritance. - JVM does not guarantee that GC will be started immediately. CGI program terminates after handling the request, whereas servlet remains in the memory and store the complex data between the requests. It is free and open source that is integrated in the Apache web server. - C++ calls directly to the system libraries for program, but java has to call through an interface to access the java libraries. The connection can be closed if HttpClient gets interrupted by isInterrupted flag. - Since the state of the immutable objects can not be changed once they are created they are automatically synchronized/thread-safe. To see that a thread is dead or not use isAlive method which returns true if the thread is runnable or blocked, in other cases it shows false.

String host)- It checks the host name or IP address by looking for the local machine. This can be done by instantiating a thread instance and passing itself as a target in the programming. It obtains its session from the session factory.
. - Polymorphism is the capability of an action or method to do different things based on the object acting upon. - In Vector class each method is surrounded with a synchronized block and thus making Vector class thread-safe. - Multiple processes have much more overhead but multiple threads have less overhead and individual threads can be stand alone if other threads are destroyed. - Encapsulation is the deliverables of Abstraction. Dynamic binding (late binding) means that the code associated with a given procedure call is not known until the time of the call at run-time. It also defines the unified security model and provides the support for integration of XML (Extensible Markup language), which is based on open standards and protocols. The relation between customers and sales have a association relation Aggregation :Account class is aggregation of voucher, cash and journal classes. Explain the importance of finalize() method. - You can sent request to recycle the unused objects by calling System. JSP uses API for networking, database, distributed objects and servers, whereas PHP requires lots of understanding of APIs and learning a new language from start.


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updating java applet cache

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