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This explains the transition from nice, comfortable, rounded edges on the tiles to cheap, sharp edges during the Milton Bradley reign. Scrabble parties are the rage, and the game can be bought at leading stores. You already know how much I despise the rule change that turned Scrabble into a bluff game, so I ll keep my trap shut. Here s a close-up of the manufacturing information on the lower right box top - without the P&M Company. ) SCRABBLE A CROSSWORD GAME   We have Greg Warner to thank for alerting me to this set which fits in here, and for his nice photos. Even though Selchow & Righter made boards for Brunot during this period, their name appears nowhere; they were simply hired to do a job. One sub-pattern I call the swooping eagle the dating game chicago. For a description of the main changes from the 1976 to the 1989 rules see my Changes to the Box Top Rules page. ) Scrabble sets, mainly for promotional use. Here s the box top sticker (actually taken from a different set than shown above. If I ve missed a standard set design, let me know. Here s a swatch of the new weave texture side by side with the earlier box top materials.

) Assuming that, once solid wood came into use for the tiles, Brunot never returned to the laminated wood, we would conclude that Artem s set came after Daniel s. While I think the sequence of Scrabble box designs shown here is correct, I m afraid the dates may be very approximate the dating game chicago. - font style used in the previous period. In an email, Debra described the box color as a light burgundy and the material texture as a very tiny cross-hatch herringbone. So when you see a vintage Scrabble set on eBay from 1953 or from 1948 , buyer beware. Stories of the early days of Scrabble mention that racks were cut from floor molding. That would likely be after 1979 since my set from this period dates from 1979, based on handwritten notes in the box. Think of this as the early part of the 1949 Rules/pre-Registered Trademark period. ) Second: Plywood (3 layers); smooth face (characters not stamped); plain 1. No, I did not become the new, proud owner of the set - I never said it was a perfect world - but Katie graciously supplied photos. And there s a funny anecdote in Word Freak where the author observes Scrabble sets being manufactured ca 2000. But simple probability associated with the skyrocketing sales figures suggests late, perhaps even early 1953.

” (Stephen Brashear / AP)1948 - 1999   As you know from my page dealing with Changes to the Box Top Scrabble Rules, I ve picked up a bunch of standard Scrabble sets dating from the early 1950s to at least 1999. Notice that S&R has no idea what it s in for, and innocently offers to fill mail orders for Scrabble sets. They came along in 1963, so if you find a zip code on any of the inserts in your Scrabble box, you have a lower bound of 1963 for the year of manufacture.
. (Remember that, for its first few years, Scrabble was produced in Newtown, Connecticut. 11706 Copyright 1948, 1949, 1953 by Selchow & Righter Company Likewise, on the Manufactured by SELCHOW & RIGHTER CO. But it wasn t that long ago that Rawls was on the other side of this scenario. Potential insert: 1867 S&R 1954 game catalog leaflet. As always, the rules printed inside the inner lid. A game has been observed with this box top (no Production & Marketing Co. Here s a close-up of the first foil sticker. *NEW* SCRABBLE sticker changed from paper to foil. Remember that the box top material is also used on the back of the board.

The copyright on the board is even more useless; it stayed put at 1948 almost up to the year 2000. .

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