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The Germans were also allowed to take filming equipment with them, as well as some small tools with which to extract the samples from the ancient blocks.   Image 9: The sky in 10,500 BC over the Giza necropolis, which I have identified as ZEP TEPI i. 2009 edited by John Van Auken, the following announcement was made: NEWS from the FIELD by John Van Auken I met with Dr. This is well-documented in photographic and video evidence which some months later they posted on a Youtube video sphinx dating controversy. The answer may be, yet again, found in astronomy or, as much as I dislike the terms, in astrology. An official permit from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities (MOA) was obtained on their behalf through a travel agent in Cairo to visit the Great Pyramid privately after opening hours, from 6 to 8 p.   [HASTRO-LOG9902 Archive Note 11 Feb 1999]. uk December 22nd, 2014 The most important time of the year in Egypt (before the building of the High Dam at Aswan in 1965) was the season of Innundation when the Nile would flood the adjacent land and fertilize the crop. This beam is the second from south-west corner of the chamber. This quasi-similar image is also found on the so-called Dream Stele found between the paws of the Sphinx, where the pharaoh Thutmoses IV is performing the same water ritual in front of the Great Sphinx. Yet in spite of this, the Egyptian media, as well as the German media, have persistently accused the Germans of taking samples from the Khufu Cartouche. pdf   August 17th, 2014 Six Egyptians officials have been held in jail since February 2014 for allegedly helping three Germans to take samples from the Cartouche of Khufu in the Great Pyramid at Giza without permission.

He even sound (almost) like the King of Quacademics himself, his Excellency Doctor Zahi Hawass. But if so, this could only have happened between July 2004 and December 2006, making Erdmann (and not Gorlitz) a PRIME SUSPECT sphinx dating controversy. The Cayce readings identify this chamber as an ante-chamber to the Hall of Records that is off the right front paw of the Sphinx. Also a transcript and a translation into the English language is planned. They reported with clear photographic evidence that not only the Khufu Cartouche was still there but seemed to be unharmed. More financial resources are necessary to bring the documentary to an end in short period of time. That’s why we are happy about any donation you could give. Yet, amazingly, he did NOT REPORT the damage. Most of all, is this storm in a tea cup justified in keeping six Egyptians in jail for eight months over this storm in a tea cup. This is the reason they took along a camercamen called Jan Gartig. Despite this examination, which shall clarify the age of the cartridge, the amazing differences between the pyramids of Giza and other Egyptian buildings are shown. While in the past only the correct spelling of Cheops name was in focus during the controversy of the cartridge’s authenticity, Dr.

This enabled us to take the samples of the king’s cartridge. The new documentary of Frank Hoefer accompanies the two researchers on their examination to Egypt and many experts will give their statements. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, after he spoke for an hour to our A.
. Gurshrein also suspected  ‘water rituals’ at the Great Sphinx. They have also made a public apology to the Egyptian people in the influential Al Ahram newspaper. West which should become part of the English language. This opening, possibly a chamber, is 30 feet down and is estimated to be 26 feet wide and 40 feet in length. So why is the falsity still being perpetuated. He could appear as a sphinx, either human or hawk-headed, as a hawk-headed man, or as a hawk, his original form. Take a few months off their salaries if necessary. Many representations of him occur on the stelae in our excavations, showing him in all these forms. .

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sphinx dating controversy

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