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Remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected seinfeld dating. George had to sell his Gore-Tex jacket when he knocked over a few bottles of wine in a liquor store and was unable to pay for it. Elaine had a string of boyfriends, most appearing for only an episode or two. Joe said, I have kiboshed before, and I will kibosh again. The tap - during sex, to get a tap on the shoulder by your partner to cease activities because of subpar performance. Elaine was the only character who worked steady 9 to 5 jobs throughout the show s entire run, working mostly as a writer or editor. In the vault - an expression to indicate a secret, told in confidence, as in “Don’t worry. Kramer promoted his book when he went on Live.

There were other iterations of this expression later in the episode seinfeld dating. Pretty big matzo ball - the phrase I love you when said and unreturned hangs out there like a matzo ball. ( The Opera ) Laughing and Lying—Describing somebody who got away with something. - spoken with hatred, usually by Jerry when he identifies that Newman is responsible for something, or all, that s bad. - phrase used by Bania when Jerry offers him a joke to use in his comedy routine, in place of one of Bania s own. ( The Pez Dispenser ) Does the notorious dry heave dance at a J. as to identify a single individual being responsible for something that s good, from “The Bizarro Jerry”. Schmoopie - nauseatingly sweet term of affection used by couples for each other, as in I love you, Schmoopie.

After she stormed off in a huff because he couldn t remember her name, he realized it was Dolores. As Peterman describes it, when Elaine shows him the catalog in the Burmese jungle, The horror. Even Steven - a person [specifically Jerry in The Opposite ] who always comes out even no matter what.
. This was eventually popular among Jerry, George, and Kramer. George was pigging out on shrimp at a Yankees’ meeting. at her gym and becomes so infatuated with him, and the prospect of becoming the next Mrs. Jerry advised Elaine that it was bad form to talk to a friend and then abruptly hang up on him or her while outdoors on a cell phone. In The Dog (Season Three) she says she has been in New York for 6 years.


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