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Editor s note: An earlier version of this article featured a photograph that was misidentified as Robert Peary. Peary had assembled his customary large party—50 men, nearly as many heavy sledges and 246 dogs to pull them—for use in a relay sledge train that would deposit supplies ahead of him. Navy commission, was seeking volunteers, including a physician, for an expedition to Greenland. This version has been updated with a new photograph of Peary. Whitney accepted Peary s offer to leave Greenland on the Roosevelt. The three men began to shape a strategy to undermine Cook s claim to the pole. Leaving three trunk-size boxes with Whitney, Cook left Annoatok the third week of April 1909 and arrived a month later at Upernavik, where he told Danish officals of his conquest of the pole. (The Granger Collection, New York) Cook (in 1930) was convicted of mail fraud after he went into the oil business. Plant is regarded as one of the greatest singers in the history of rock and roll, and has influenced musicians such as Freddie Mercury, Axl Rose and Chris Cornell. He teaches writing at Stanford University. In Annoatok, Peary s men heard from natives that Cook and two natives had made it to the pole the previous year. Cook, like other Arctic explorers of the day, had assumed that anyone returning from the pole would drift eastward with the polar ice. Without the collapsible boat they had brought along, Cook wrote, they would have been cut off any number of times.

Peary had told an Associated Press reporter in Battle Harbour that he would wait for Cook to issue a complete authorized version of his journey before making his own details public. (Later, Cook s McKinley claim would be challenged by others and in more detail. However, he would be the first to report a westerly drift—after he and his party were carried 100 miles west of their planned route, far from supplies they had cached on land. On October 24, the New York Herald reported that before the affidavit was signed, Barrill had met with Peary s representatives to discuss financial compensation for calling Cook a liar. McKinley, a boast Peary would later attack. With the two battling claims for the pole, newspapers polled their readers on which explorer they favored. The subcommittee approved a bill honoring Peary by a vote of 4 to 3; the minority placed on the record deep-rooted doubts about his claim. Peary vented his rage to anyone who would listen, promising to tell the world a story that would puncture Cook s bubble. The day before they were to leave, one of the two got sick, which meant that Cook would have to leave a sledge behind. Roosevelt pardoned Cook a few months before he died of complications from a stroke, on August 5, 1940, at the age of 75. (Angus Bethune), 1821-1856¶ Read, Edyth Ellerbeck¶ Bolanyo (English) (as Author) Drifting (English) (as Author) Von Reber, Franz Freeman-Mitford, Algernon Bertram Redington, Paul G. Well, I don t want any of them aboard this ship, Peary replied, according to Whitney. Cook sailed north on a rescue ship, found Peary and treated him for ailments ranging from scurvy to heart problems.

Cook said his instruments and records were en route to New York and that arrangements had been made for experts to verify their accuracy. Cook, an American explorer who had seemingly returned from the dead after more than a year in the Arctic, claimed to have reached the pole in April 1908—a full year before Peary. The next day he met with some 40 reporters for two hours at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel.
. Peary s strategy of withholding information gave him the advantage of seeing what Cook had by way of polar descriptions before offering his own. After Cook returned to the United States in 1911, some members of Congress tried in 1914 and 1915 to reopen the question of who discovered the North Pole, but their efforts faded with the approach of World War I. Emotionally shattered, the 25-year-old doctor sought escape in articles and books on exploration, and the next year he read that Peary, a civil engineer with a U. Whitney suggested that he also leave behind anything not essential for his trip, promising to deliver the abandoned possessions to Cook in New York. ) A week after Barrill s affidavit appeared in the Globe, Peary released a transcript of the interrogation of Etukishook and Ahwelah aboard the Roosevelt. Helgesen of North Dakota, wondering aloud how that could be, considering the nature of pemmican. But his attempt to cross the cap, during a summer-long sledge trip, ended when uncertain ice conditions and dwindling supplies forced him back. Arriving in Nova Scotia on September 21, Peary left the Roosevelt to take a train to Maine. ¶ Reid, Elizabeth Hyde¶ Reid, George, 1841-1913¶ Reid, James S. (Paul Goodwin), 1878-1942¶ Redner, Lewis, 1830-1908¶ Reece, Robert Henry, 1889-¶ Reed, Ivy Kellerman, 1877-1968¶ Kellerman, Ivy Reed, Margery Verner¶ Reed, Mr.


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