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Raiden A: Shock or run into Sunny at high speed with Metal Gear Mk. Secret Sunny and Naomi pictures Do not pick up the camera during the briefing when it first becomes available. Warhead Storage: Found in Act 4: Shadow Moses - Tank Hanger, upper floor ventilation shaft. Digital Camera: It is found in the Nomad vehicle during the mission intermission. Hold L1 (even though you are not prompted), and you will see Sorrow. When you first enter Big Mama s hideout and the guards start talking about Snake, press L1 to see posters from Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Theme Of Solid Snake: Found in Act 1: Middle East - Millennium Park. You do this by finding the soldier that is hiding in the can and using it as a bathroom in Act 1: Middle East - Downtown.

Hidden crop circle When you are tracking Naomi s footprints in Act 2 after the Laughing Octopus fight, you will arrive to a river. You can also pause an intermission sequence by pressing Start. The game is Penguin Adventure, a 1986 title for the MSX computer system, which was Hideo Kojima s first game. At the building to the right of where the APC shows up, crawl under the rubble. An icon will appear to wake the target up. Inorino Uta: During the Act 1 mission briefing, go upstairs with the Mk II ps3 sex chat account. Collecting it will double the operating life of all battery-powered devices in the game. Sunny s song In Act 3, while you are trailing the Resistance member, listen to his whistle.

This song increases stun damage and Snake s accuracy. You do not have to deplete Vamp s health before CQC grabbing him. The Essence Of Vince: Found in Act 3: Europe - Echo s Beacon.
. Use the Mk II to reactivate the electric floor and destroy the Gecko. You can see a segment where David Hayter is being interviewed wearing a Solid Eye. Reset OctoCamo appearance Note: This can also be done during intermission sequences. Hidden development team autographs While tracking Naomi, get to where there is a PMC soldier standing next to a claymore ps3 sex chat account. In Shadow Moses, near the elevator (flashback of Infiltration speech).

You will see a militia soldier get brutally shot after pleading for his life. .

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