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I help people to think through the situation, make a decision, and get unstuck. One of the more common conflicts is deciding between accepting something or applying control in an effort to change it. Motivation can come and go, and daily life can distract, stall, or side track you. I ll explain my services in greater detail and walk you through all the pricing options. Repeat until your vision becomes a reality. This blog posting presents practical job-interview advice I commonly provide to clients. Most of you now probably feel comfortable attending a free consultation meeting to learn more, which is great. Typical Life Coaching is Project Management Lite ; as a technical-writing project leader, I did complex project management and edited business plans. In addition to Career Coaching, I m particularly proud of my emotion-management expertise which helps you to lower unhelpful emotions (such as worry) and boost positive ones (such as feeling calm and motivated).  Please try using our search function to find your content. Skill building helps my clients to develop daily habits needed to operate at Peak Performance, making goal attainment quicker and easier. Press or click here read more description, download a copy, or check out reader reviews. A side benefit of working with Gerry has been a huge reduction in the mental and emotional stress I was putting myself through in my full-time work. Here are two testimonials that give you a feel for the work I do: I realized I was stuck when it came to figuring out what I wanted to do with my life.

As a first-time entrepreneur, I was struggling to organize my ideas and learn how to network, make decisions, and execute. It seems the measure of success is the amount of money a firm can raise or borrow. Stay tuned to this section of the website for ongoing updates. The best way to begin coaching is to purchase a 3-month package, which saves you money, provides a valuable 2-hour orientation meeting, and helps you to stay accountable to yourself for the change you want in your life. When it comes to Career Coaching, I ve worked with everyone from CEOs to their workers on the line: white collar, blue collar, and no collar. Here s an introduction to the topic: Sound interesting. Ever notice how people can have the very best plans and still struggle to follow through. This experience informs advice I give about goal setting, adjusting plans as you go, time management, writing large documents, delegating, teamwork, and scheduling. I offer several Life & Career Coaching packages, starting with my unique, full-service approach, which I call Platinum Coaching. His insights on how to navigate workplace politics, manage executives expectations, and incorporate a mindfulness practice into the workday have freed up a ton of mental energy for me. The black and white AIBO 7s will be still available. I also bring to the table skills learned as a Hiring Manager in a Fortune 500 computer company, an Outplacement Career Counselor, an MSW degree holder, and someone who s started his own business. All packages involve a set number of meetings you can schedule as needed: weekly, every other week, or randomly. Meeting lengths vary across packages, and clients pay me a variety of below-market-average fees depending on their chosen services.

) Check out my new book Daily Pivots: Breaking Free from Habits That Hold You Back provides fun, easy-to-use tools you can use to make big changes. It s a great introduction to working with a Life & Career Coach. , from MD Of all the emotion-management coaching I do, Mindfulness is the most powerful.
. Peoples purest intentions can be undermined by procrastination, worry, lack of knowledge, feeling overwhelmed, lack of motivation or confidence, unhelpful habits, distractibility, and so on. However, I completely get it if you d like to think about it for a while. com from 2006–2014 are back online at the Bay Guardian archives, and you can search the archive at this link. andy halstead on a story about proptech start-ups FREE. Call me now at 1-410-949-7888 or email me to schedule your free online consultation meeting as soon as possible. My corporate experience informs the advice I give about management, leadership, dealing with office politics, managing your manager, basic strategic planning, and maintaining work-life balance. I coach professors and other teachers, and also their students. As a hiring manager, I ve been on the other side of the table when it comes to job interviews, evaluating resumes, and conducting and surviving layoffs. It s also the ideal way to carry on with conversations that start in the comments of news stories. To get the job done well, a Life & Career Coach needs to help remove anything that s getting in the way. Steve Swanson was born with a rare inventor gene; programming some early speech recognition software - SpeechMaster.


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