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They are bringing us to our knees so that we eagerly accept whatever they offer us because it will seem to offer the solution to all our problems dating website love cats. When we all take full responsibility for creating paradise in the lives of those around us, then we all live in Paradise dating website love cats. To us, the tunnel is the battleground of all man-made belief systems designed to pull us all apart from each other and nature. We have all been blatantly hijacked from who we really are and what we are really part of. No past can be compared to a future because all moments are unique and original forevermore. Where were all the followers of all the religions to help us. Have we not all been given eyes, ears, noses, etc so that we can sense everything of the dream of life.

To leave the sandpit we all have to give up everything we claim we own. We pass the destruction of our magnificence onto others because we want their magnificence to be destroyed too. We state this just as we stated that we disassociate from Kate of Gaia because, for many years, he was using our 2005/2006 onwards work about the name without talking about the remedy, which is our main focus. The System IS shit and all in and of it are shit too. If darkness existed, night would be a jet-black wall with no light amongst it and no light getting through it. While we follow them, we are making our bed in The System too. It has a big influence over the entertainment industry, as well depicted in mainstream, and provides no disclosure to those affected by it that their souls are being murdered through the use of inculcation.

Opening up the Quick User Guide http://loveforlife. The System damaged our ancestors, it damaged our grand parents, our parents and its damaged us and our children. They are us and we are them, otherwise we would not see one another.
. This article that occurred on Arthur s Facebook wall illustrates how the story-telling of Jesus is the craft of Satanism/Freemasonry in practise. We are non-violent, carry no weapons and do not drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs, recreational or pharmaceutical. The very chaos we are concerned about becomes the chaos of The System we willingly serve throughout our unnatural lives. .

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