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The lyrics once again highlighted the transition of the bride to her new status as mistress of her husband’s household. All over Greece, a plethora of customs and traditions are observed during the week prior to Easter, the Holy Week. The focus of all the festivities and ceremonies was the bride and her transition to her new household and her new master. The bride’s mother would carry torches to ward off evil spirits that might harm the bride. She would be escorted to the center of the household and offered dried figs, dates, and nuts to eat. Her friends and chosen servants would be sharing this time with her as well. The Easter table is a reflection of tradition combined with the seasonality of Greek cuisine. She made the offerings, called the “protelia,” to the gods and goddesses to order to receive their protection during this important time in her life. In addition to the members of the families and friends, sometimes an entire town would join the procession. Artemis could offer a smooth transition from the bride’s life as a child to her new status as a married woman.

Fathers arranged for suitable husbands for their daughters. While on the earth’s surface, they love to hide in houses, slipping down chimneys and frightening people. The marriage ceremony in Ancient Greece was made up of three different phases. Kallikantzari live deep down inside the earth and come to surface only during the 12-day period from Christmas until Epiphany. ” The Wedding Rituals Begin The “ekdosis” was the process of transferring the bride to her new oikos. The following week is a fast-free week until Meatfare Sunday which is the last day before Easter for eating meat. • In the Aegean island of Chios, another custom takes place where residents of the village of Vrontados revive the tradition of the rocket war. The songs were important since the lyrics encouraged the new couple in their marriage and expressed hopes for many children. After Resurrection, Vrontados breaks into a pandemonium of fireworks lighting up the midnight sky. The wedding guests could enter the married couple’s bedroom, but eventually they left the new couple alone in their wedding chamber.

The spotlight was still on the bride as she was offered gifts in her new oikos. Women and children go to church to decorate the Epitaph (Bier of Christ) with flowers, while in the evening the Epitaph procession takes place. There are many customs associated with the Christmas holidays, some of which are relatively recent, “imported” from other parts of the world (like eating turkey on Christmas day and decorating the Christmas tree).
. Weather permiting, people spend Clean Monday outdoors, organizing picnics while children fly kites. The bride was given a grill for the toasting of barley, a pestle that was designed to hang in front of the wedding chamber, a sieve, and different grains. Water was brought from the river and carried in a vase. There was music to celebrate the bride’s contribution to the marriage. First, the young girl who was given in marriage was separated from her childhood household called the “oikos. • Visiting the Ionian island of Corfu during Easter is ideal, since the town hosts the most splendid and melodic celebrations in the country, with the city’s philharmonics in full action. All these symbols represented the connections among fertility, social life, and agriculture dating rituals in greece.


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