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Im sorry to be pessimistic but the older we get the harder it is to delay the aging process, eventually the younger guy will look for younger women and you will feel even more insecure. I don t think you can or should be trying to change that or respond to every person who rubs you the wrong way forcefully. One young man that I dated was 29 years old when I was 54 and his mother and I became very close. He tells me he shares secrets with me and not his wife. Many […] I have read most of the posts here and have a situation that I didn t come across here. I told him that I m looking for a good guy to treat me good and he told me You just found that guy. I have no hard feelings, in fact, it kind of surprises me when this sort of bigotry happens now dating a girl 4 years older. I m 50 and he s 28, he s the sweetest guy, I ve ever met in my whole life. I found one that i found attractive & basically said lets meet up now & have sex. Unfortunatly, because of the age gap, maturity, not knowing majority of his friends or family, I feel like I am waiting for the inevitable end of this relationship. It is saddening and a shame you do this to me, throwing all we have away. He awakes during the night and reaches for me, and I’m not there.

My last relationship was a year, and the one before that was 3. Anyway, a week after I separated from my husband, the younger guy asked me out. Any and all help very appreciated, Cheers Reader I ll be 37 this month; my boyfriend is 22. My partner wanted us to jump in both feet and just go for it, but i m so scared of what people will think, my parents, my friends etc. swg So, why don’t you tell everyone who’s posted on here, who’s in an OW/YM relationship what you’re telling me. He would be my dream guy if he were only 10 years older. I replied if two people loved each other then the age gap does not matter, I think she was ok with my feelings toward the subject. I love him so much, but I don t know if I can get over these games my head is playing with me. when I heard this tears streamed down my face dating a girl 4 years older. Why make it more painful than it already is. We loved each other but recently he realized that he wants a family, something I can’t give him. but at 38 my time is limited and he is not ready.

I ended up staying with him a couple days ago and I asked the question of whether he saw us ever being together. We spent the next 10 hours in conversation (no one ever holds my interest for very long) and had a great time. Love is a very powerful force-people kill each other and themselves for it, kings give up their thrones for it-relish the love you have and enjoy and savor the uniqueness of it.
. I feel that the future will work itself out, but the NOW is of extreme importance or we would not have found each other. What’s really been great is that there was a couple of weeks from the point I started volunteering till I met her, with the first time ended up seeing me spent to entire day alone with her in the office. He wants to move in but Im afraid to bring him into my home. He is coming to visit me for the weekend in a couple of weeks. I would like for all women who are reading this message to know that men who are looking for long term relationships are attracted to what you put out. I will forever carry the guilt of what I have done… love doesn’t conquer all, sometimes practical considerations come into play. I do not look my age at all, but I carry myself in a mature fashion. It all has to do with what is best in the future … and if he know early on he do not want kids and or can adopt with her IF they fall IN love then it is all good just be honest. In the meantime, he had his relationships, and I had mine.


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dating a girl 4 years older

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